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In Europe: Haier Zhijia won the "Red Dot Award" again, and kitchen appliances increased by 43%

2021-04-18 管理员 Read 2113

On March 30, the Red Dot Award of the "Design Oscar" announced the 2021 winners list. Haier's kitchen appliances Series 6 series I-Touch ovens and gas stoves were awarded in the category of "innovative products". This is not only the recognition of the strength of Haier Zhijia's European brand, but also helps Haier Europe to go further on the road to promote the scene ecological brand and achieve higher growth and profitability.

Meet user needs with design and smart experience

The award-winning product "Haier I-Touch Oven" uses high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology, with a stylish design and exquisite appearance. At the same time, the oven is equipped with a flexible and intuitive touch interface, providing users with a variety of recipes and cooking modes. Another award-winning product "Haier Gas Stove" is also versatile and first-class in design. All design elements are from the most cutting-edge suppliers in Italy, providing users with an excellent user experience.

The award-winning products have been linked to the smart home app hOn of Haier Europe. As the key to Haier Europe’s building of an ecological brand, hOn integrates AI, machine learning skills, and smart sensors. It is compatible with all products of the three major brands of Haier, Candy, and Hoover, making it convenient for users to manage home appliances. For example, in the oven scenario, hOn can allow users to follow the oven dynamics in real time and provide smart recipes to help users cook perfect food.

As the birthplace of global kitchen appliances, Europe is the most competitive area for kitchen appliances brands. With its user-centered product design and intelligent platform, Haier Smart Home has taken a place in the high-end market of the kitchen appliance industry in Western Europe, and has gradually formed a brand impression of "smart and smart" in the minds of consumers.

The rapid increase in the share of kitchen appliances reflects user recognition

Relying on smart and interconnected product solutions, comprehensive digital marketing, and expansion of cooperation with core channels, in 2020, Haier kitchen appliances will achieve a rapid increase in market share in Italy, the United Kingdom, France and other markets, of which the share of embedded ovens has reached 10.2%; The share of built-in stoves also reached 9%.

In 2021, Haier's European kitchen appliances continued its high growth momentum, with a year-on-year growth of 43% in the first quarter, and at the same time their profitability increased significantly. In Italy, the built-in oven market share has jumped to the second place in the market, reaching 19.8%.

As the world's number one brand of large home appliances for 12 consecutive years, Haier will continue to meet the needs of users in different scenarios through high-quality products and home appliance solutions, and create a world-leading IoT ecological brand.

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