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Kitchen appliance size, no regrets after reading it

2021-04-20 管理员 Read 1344

Everyone wants to have a beautiful and practical kitchen, but it is not easy to realize this wish. When decorating, it is necessary to not only do a good job in the hard decoration project, but also pay attention to the soft decoration. Kitchen appliances are not only a part of the kitchen, but also the decoration of the kitchen.

If you want to integrate kitchen appliances and decoration, the size of the appliances must be reserved, otherwise the embarrassment that the appliances can’t be installed is likely to happen. In order to avoid this kind of problem, the owners must pay attention to this detail. The editor will introduce the size of the kitchen appliances to everyone. After reading it, you will not regret to install it.

Refrigerators are a very common electrical appliance in kitchens. Now many owners are no longer satisfied with single-door refrigerators. They have turned their attention to double-door refrigerators. The owners must decide what style of refrigerator to choose before decorating. The height of double-door refrigerators is 1700— 1810 mm, width 600-950 mm, depth 600-800 mm, it is necessary to reserve sufficient space for it, and leave space around for heat dissipation.

Kitchen range hoods are very heavy. Range hoods are an indispensable electrical appliance in the kitchen. The mainstream range hoods are divided into top range hoods and side range hoods. The reference size of top range hoods is 550-600 mm high and 750-wide. 900mm, depth 500-550mm, reference size of side hood, height 450-600mm, width 800-900mm, depth 350-450mm, owners should reserve corresponding space for the range hood of their choice.

Now the owners attach great importance to health. Many owners will install disinfection cabinets. The reference size of the disinfection cabinet is 595-620 mm in length, 595-620 mm in height and 420 mm in depth.

Washing dishes is not only a waste of time, but also prone to family conflicts. Owners with sufficient budget may wish to buy a dishwasher. The sink-type dishwasher is 380 mm long, 380 mm wide, and 635 mm high. It is simple and practical to install next to the sink.

The reference size of the built-in oven is 595 mm wide, 455 mm high, and 540 mm deep.

The above is about the size of kitchen appliances. After reading it, you can install it without regrets. The kitchen needs a lot of appliances. In order to integrate the appliances and the kitchen, you must reserve the right size in advance when decorating.

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